'Planting positive seeds is not enough, we have to create the best environment we can to help those seeds grow and flourish into what they were meant to be.'

Paul Lavery

What we do

I am so proud to open and offer a provision that I know will make a real difference in our young people’s lives. This is the culmination of 25 years of learning and growing, and I want to make a real difference.

We offer online and class-based life and social skills training alongside site-specific programs. We currently offer a music program where our young people can create their own music, learn to compose appropriate lyrics, and much more.

After this, our young people will take part in off-site enrichment activities such as gym-based health & fitness sessions, driving range (golf) sessions, and much more. This is so our young people can develop their communication, life & social skills in a safe and real-life environment.