3 Tier AP model

Through Positive Expressions, we are pleased to offer a range of services to support schools, families, and local authorities as they respond to the needs of children & young people who are struggling to achieve in mainstream settings. Some of these young people may be on part-time timetables, or have experienced suspensions, or may be excluded from a mainstream school.

There are three tiers of support, which is aligned to the Department for Education’s Vision for Local Area SEND Partnerships in the SEND & AP Improvement Plan, March 2023:

A Three Tier Model for Alternative Provision

We provide:
Tier 1: Support to Prevent Suspension or Exclusion

Working closely with schools, families, and local authority services, we work to identify and understand the root causes of the child’s challenging behaviour, or disaffection and disengagement, to provide effective strategies to address both the behaviour and the underlying needs. The goal of this stage of intervention is to prevent an escalation of need and to find ways to overcome barriers to effective learning in the classroom.

Tier 2: Time limited off site placements.

Where the child’s difficulties have escalated and a suspension is in place, or the child is on a part-time timetable, or has been excluded, we offer support to address individual needs, always working towards a goal of reintegration to the mainstream school or other setting.

We take a holistic approach to addressing needs, exploring the wider context for the child’s current difficulties. This may involve work with parents and/or carers, foster carers, special guardians, or kinship carers, and will involve close partnership working with other services who may be involved.

At times it may be appropriate to recommend a referral to other services where needs emerge that require specialist assessment and diagnosis, for instance, from an Educational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, referral to CAMHS, or other education, health, or social care services.

Tier 3: Transitional Placements

We can offer support to children & young people who are ready to transition back into a mainstream setting or move into specialist provision or other post-16 destinations, where that is appropriate. This works best as a carefully planned and managed package of support that sees a gradual reduction in off-site support and a phased re-integration into the mainstream or specialist setting.

Continued On-Going Support from a Named Mentor

We offer a post-transition package of support which can continue after the child or young person has returned to a mainstream school or moved into a named specialist setting. This may be for half a term, for one term or longer, as needed.