Provision & Site Details

Our young people will arrive and be welcomed by experienced and enhanced DBS-checked mentors. We offer up to 5 days a week term time only provision for 3 hours per day.
The first part of the session consists of organic online courses, discussions, and external speakers. We are using AQA to offer their unit award scheme (UAS). This is designed to help our young people work towards adulthood. There is a mix of life & social skills development, getting work ready, and specific interest areas for our groups to choose from. Our young people will also work on the ‘site-specific’ sessions. This will either be music technology, health & fitness, or sport.

We are not here to demand our young people do anything. We want to inform them of our experiences in life and what could benefit them in theirs. We have sourced some amazing professionals who are in key areas that can support and develop our young people’s lives.

Our mentors are there to support, guide, and encourage our young people to make better life choices and explain why certain choices come with certain consequences. Our main goal is to help build and develop a strong foundation of self-awareness and self-growth so that we can support and transition our young people back into local authority provisions or support moving into post-16 life.